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One of BGDL's 2020 goals is GROWTH.

Therefore, we are interested in collaborating with up to 7 brand ambassadors. As of right now, Instagram is BGDL's most popular platform, so we would specifically be looking for Instagram brand ambassadors.

Before applying, please review the duties that would be required of a BGDL brand ambassador, as well as other additional information and how to apply.



  • BGDL ambassadors will be required to put "@BlackGirlsDoLaw Ambassador" in their bio

  • BGDL ambassadors will be given a unique discount code that should be used when promoting the BGDL brand

  • BGDL ambassadors will be required to post (1) IG story post per week and (1) actual timeline post 

  • BGDL posts should have (1) unique discount code; (2) BGDL username tagged; and (3) BGDL hashtags

  • BGDL ambassadors will be required to provide screenshots of the insights related to their BGDL 


  • Must be following BGDL

  • Must be an aspiring law student, current law student, or a law school graduate (JD/ESQ) or a legal professional (i.e., paralegal)

  • Must have at least 1,000 active and authentic (not paid for) followers (preferably 5,000+)

  • Must have your IG account set to "business" so that you have access to insights 

  • Your IG must have a significant "legal following" (i.e., followed by other attorneys, law students, etc.)


  • Send an email with the subject "BGDL Ambassador" to & include the following:

    • Name

    • Instagram username

    • Instagram follower count

    • Estimated average likes on your pics

    • Estimated average views of your stories

    • Your legal status (aspiring law student, current law student, JD/ESQ)

    • Whether or not (to the best of your knowledge) you have a prominent legal following (i.e., are at least 25% of your followers within the legal community (law students, attorneys, etc.)).

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