Please read all of the information to ensure that your blanket is perfect. There are two sizes: throw (50" x 60") and queen (60" x 80") - See the second picture for comparison. There are three material choices: smooth fleece, cozy fleece, and sherpa - See the third picture for smooth and cozy fleece comparison. All three options are polyester. The smooth fleece is just as described, completely flat and smooth. The cozy fleece is the "fuzzy/cuddle" option and is lightweigh and ideal for snuggling. The sherpa is the coziest option which will have the crisp detailed design on the front and cream colored sherpa fleece on the back. Lastly, you get to choose from the 6 BGDL illustrations, as well as 1 of 3 backgrounds (silver flower, wedding satin, or a solid color) - See the fourth picture

BGDL Fleece Blanket

BGDL Illustration
Background Color/Design